Fishing Florida Keys – April 2017 – Day 2

After yesterdays strong winds, we were hoping they would lay down and give us a chance of some tarpon. Sadly, it was not the case. The winds were still blowing a hooley and not forecast to get any better and the rain was forecast to come in heavy, prolonged and hard !!

Out with Capt. Dave Sissung, a quick chat over a coffee and we decided to play it by ear and let the weather decide on what we do and where we go. First stop was just outside the marina in a sheltered bay.

Craigo got of us the mark fairly quickly, but a disappointing catfish no bigger than a pound. Capt. Dave quickly dispatched the fish and put it out as fresh shark bait. In such difficult times, this proved to be a good call, as Nicky was soon into the first shark of the day. Not a monster, but a welcome brown nosed shark of around 20lb (and another first for Nicky – and quite aptly named for its capturer !!) We fished on for another 30 minutes but to no avail.

We moved around about every 20 or 30 minutes for the rest of the day, either because the fish weren’t biting or to get away from the weather fronts, but not many fished came to the boat.

The weather threw everything at us… gale force winds, torrential rain, sun … and then back to the begiining again ! Fair play to Capt. Dave Sissung, he tried his best to get us out of the weather and in to the fish, but Mother Nature wasn’t playing the same game and neither were the fish ! We had a few dropped runs and I had a snap off from a good fish, but that was it ….. all effort but no rewards unfortunately….. but that’s fishing sometimes ! 

There are some “firsts” in your life that mean so much and are so memorable !! My “first” today was not one of them ! I have been fishing out of Florida and Florida Keys for the past 15 years, with dozens of trips under my belt …..but today I blanked for the first time ever

Key West next ………