Shark Fishing – Portugal – May 2017

I had never been fishing in Portugal before, let alone for my favourite species, so when I got the invite to join 3 very good friends of mine from Manchester for a couple of days shark fishing, I didn’t  hesitate – top company, great food, beer, wine, sunshine and fishing ! What would be there to think about ??? ……. stay tuned!!

So it was with much anticipation that I headed off to Bristol airport on Tuesday evening, settled down at the restaurant with some fish and chips and a glass of wine, and then text came – “the skipper has called of tomorrow due to adverse weather !!”

Oh well, we still have Thursday, so we can spend Wednesday doing a bit of sight seeing, soaking up some rays, catching up over a few cold ones. It could be worse…. ??

So we popped over to see the skipper later that afternoon, “be here at 08.00 tomorrow morning. Plenty of sharks !!” Brilliant. We’re on.

So after an early (ish) night, we were at the dock 08.00 sharp. The skipper invites us aboard and then hits us with the news we really didn’t want to hear – “It’s off, the weather is just to rough”.

Another day in the bars !!!

Fishing is always an unknown entity and whilst these scenarios are not uncommon, thankfully, you get out more than you are forced to cancel. And hey, that’s fishing !!

So, off we go for breakfast, where I take the opportunity to remind my Mancunian friend of the bet we had at the start of the football season, a tenner that Arsenal finish above Man Utd …….

This was duly handed over with a forced smile on his face (you can’t hear what he was saying through his gritted teeth!!)

So you might think the Portugal trip was a waste of time and why bother with this blog ? I’ll tell you. Fishing isn’t always about fishing. Yes, we didn’t get out and I am still waiting for my first Portugal fishing trip, but we had a great couple of days, non stop laughter and joking, yes, probably a bit too much alcohol if I am honest, but with great company, good friends catching up and getting together, all through fishing. Looking forward to giving it another shot next year.

Tight lines …