We put on a number of these days every season giving the opportunity for individual guns and small teams to join up and make a team for the day. Over the years, these have became known as MUTT days (Making Up The Team) and have proved very successful.

All days are originally based on 100 bird days, for 8 guns, however, unless otherwise stated, this is for guide purposes only and days can be between 50 and 150 bird days if so required. We require a minimum of 6 guns to put on the day. In the event that we have less than 8 guns on the day, the bird numbers will (can) be reduced pro rata. On days where the shoot is still showing 8 guns available, these dates may be able to be moved to suit your requirements. Just ask.

You can find all current dates and availability on our upcoming events page.


* Prices subject to confirmation at the time of booking.