What’s the best knot to tie braid to mono leader ?

I’m often asked what’s the best knot or the strongest knot to tie mono to braid ? The truth is, I don’t know ! I know what I use, which varies depending on the conditions I am fishing and what size┬ábraid and mono I am using, but I couldn’t categorically say “this one is the best”.

The next question is “how do I tie it” ? Another difficult one, as generally you are on a rocky boat when this question is put to you or you’re in the pub having a chat when you have just come off the boat and it is simply to intricate to describe.

So when I came across this article it was a no brainer to share it with you. Follow the link below. I think most will find it very informative and helpful.


And for those of you that would like to see some examples of general mono to mono or mono to hook knots, take a look at



I hope these links and information are of interest and helpful to some of you.

Tight lines !